The Flywheel Effect – with Kristine Widtfeldt, CEO of Chalk Couture | Episode 075

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Do you remember a time when you gave up and then later wondered what might have happened if you had just kept going? Could your pot of gold have been a few little steps away?

Although you can never turn back the time that you lost, you can always pick up where you left off, just be prepared to equip yourself but how do you do that?

Join me in my conversation with the gorgeous CEO of Chalk Couture, Kristine Widtfeldt, as we talk about the magic that is persistence and the Flywheel effect. Kristine shares precious tips on setting ourselves up for success. Additionally, she tells the inspiring story and mission of Chalk Couture. 

From Disney movies to running, flywheels to lights…. I LOVED recording this episode almost as much as I know you’ll love listening to it! This episode has been a gold mine and I felt like I got 10x wiser after talking to Kristine. So tune in for some really valuable takeaways!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Chalk Couture’s road to becoming a $50-million company [6:03]
  3. ‘Watts of Love’ and how it came to light [9:32]
  4. Finding joy [18:48]
  5. Pandemic realisations [22:01]
  6. How Chalk Couture thrived through social media [24:20]
  7. Diversifying your toolset [26:57]
  8. Graceful failures – you either win or learn [28:42]
  9. The Flywheel Principle – marry the process, divorce the results [34:42]
  10. Honouring yourself and letting your vibe attract your tribe [41:13]  
  11. Don’t compare and stare: Be your own beautiful [45:46]
  12. Disney movies that Kristine and I love the most [47:50]
  13. Kristine’s recommended reads [49:56]
  14. Superpowers that Kristine and I wished we had [54:57]
  15. From one runner to another, Kristine’s running advice [56:17]


About Our Guest:

Kristine Widtfeldt is the CEO of Chalk Couture, A high-end DIY home décor business. Kristine has been part of the team since the company’s launch in July 2017 and has helped it grow to over $40M USD in annual revenues with a creative community of tens of thousands of Independent Designers across the US and Canada. Her passion is product strategy, marketing, and field development. She believes spending time learning from and lifting the field is the most meaningful part of the role. Her 30-year career has included executive roles in multiple direct sales organizations, as well as time as a television broadcaster, president of a publishing firm, account director of an ad agency, and film critic, to name a few favorites. She’s happiest with running shoes on and will never turn down a Diet Coke.


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