Overcoming Anxiety With Tammi Kirkness | Episode 076

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It’s never been a better time than right now for us to have a meaningful conversation about anxiety which anyone can fall victim to regardless of age, gender, situation or lifestyle.

I’m going to take this opportunity to put my hand up high and say anxiety is a daily battle for me and sometimes… in the heat of life’s challenges knowing what to do can be like grasping at nothing. It’s just one thing to come clean but another thing altogether to know what to do next… 

Today, I am graced by the presence of the gorgeous Tammi Kirkness— Speaker, life coach and bestselling author of The Panic Button AND released just yesterday, The Panic Button for Kids! 

In this episode we talk about Tammi’s own fight with panic attacks and how it led to the birth of her two gorgeous books and turning her experience into a practical step by step instruction guide for you and those around you. She also answers some pointed questions I threw at her about speaking anxiety, teens and self-care.

My heart was so full during my chat with Tammi and I hope that yours will be, too 🥰 Tune in and enjoy!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. How Tammi got to where she is today [4:20]
  3. Recognising stress and anxiety [7:57]
  4. Understanding your own needs in stressful moments [11:48]
  5. The therapy of breathing and getting grounded with nature [15:22]
  6. Tammi’s struggles that urged her to write ‘The Panic Button’ [20:15]
  7. The conception of ‘The Panic Button Book for Kids’ [29:34]
  8. Life challenges from the perspective of kids, teens, and adults [33:05]
  9. Tammi’s advice to people who get anxious when public speaking [35:43]
  10. Tammi’s favourite book [41:35]
  11. Tammi’s favourite quote [43:34]
  12. What Tammi would say to her past self [43:53]


About Our Guest:

Tammi Kirkness is the Head Life Coach and founder of VisionScope Coaching. She is an international speaker and ex-corporate warrior with a business background in executive coaching, people management and human resources. She has worked as a clinician with both adults and children internationally and has studied under monks in the south of India. Tammi is also a qualified yoga teacher, meditation instructor, energetic healer and a Clinical EFT Practitioner working 1:1 with clients daily in her Sydney-based practice.


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