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Self Care isn’t Selfish – Tips to Fill Your Cup When Life Gets Tough | Episode 077

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Each week at Auxano HQ we have a team planning session, but this week we found ourselves discussing how exhausted and run down we all felt as a result of the HUGE 2 years we (and you too!) have ALL had. Our conversation turned pretty quickly to what each of us is and can be doing more of to take care of our own needs and show ourselves a little much needed love.

Let’s face it. We can never give what we don’t have. It’s vital we find time to fill our own cups so that we can always show up to the world as our best selves. Part way through our meeting, Greg smiled and said “I think our listeners might be feeling a bit this way too. Why don’t we share this conversation?”

Today, we have decided to do a special episode to share with you a list of things each member of Team Auxano does to love on ourselves a little and fill our cups.

Tune in and let’s fill our own cups together!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Why we decided to have this episode [0:00]
  2. Listen to a good audiobook [4:16]
  3. Escape with a good story [7:36]
  4. Podcast is a plus [10:06]
  5. Have a coach to talk matters through [11:17]
  6. Different friends for different purposes [14:56]
  7. Getting into nature [17:02]
  8. Everyone has a story [18:40]
  9. Exercise as a habit [22:04]
  10. Box Breathing – exhale the negativity [27:02]
  11. Staying hydrated [28:24]  
  12. Understanding other people’s love languages [30:23]
  13. List down what soothes your soul [35:48]
  14. Do something for someone else [40:20]
  15. The wonders of little accomplishments [41:55]



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