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What Life’s Been Showing You – with Mitch & Mills | Episode 078

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There’s so much going on in the world right now that bombards and stresses us. When we let these overwhelming events get the better of us, we lose track of what really matters in our business, our career, or in general, our lives.

How do we keep our focus in check, and how do we stop these distractions from taking over us so we can be sure to reach our desired destinations?

In our episode for today, I  take a little bit of a left turn with Mitch Behan & Mills Tomeo, founders of MJB Seminars and great friends of my husband Greg, to whom I attribute a lot of where we are today in our business. The three of us chat about having a work-life balance, the secret to succeeding in the direct selling industry, and understanding the why’s of what we do.

Get your pen and paper ready. Open your heart because you’re going to have to do to get the most out of this extraordinary episode.Tune in and enjoy!

“When you turn a vision into a map, you become a visionary. And people follow visionaries.”Mitch Behan

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Mitch, Mills, and the MJB Seminars [4:21]
  3. Mitch and Mills’s insights on having a work-life balance [9:02]
    1. Understanding the cyclical nature of the world [9:46]
    2. Displacing focus from overwhelming information [11:54]
  4. How and where you should redirect your focus [19:07]
  5. What sets apart those that sink or swim in the direct selling industry [24:09]
  6. The importance of understanding why you do what you do [32:50]
  7. If you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it [35:22]
  8. What happens in your subconscious is what matters [38:13]
  9. Mitch and Mills’s book recommendations [45:00]
  10. Mitch and Mills’ favorite quote and desired superpowers [50:26]

About Our Guests:

Mitch Behan & Emilia “Mills” Tomeo are the Founders of the Equilibration Process and Directors of MJB Seminars, Mitch and Emilia have over 30 years shared experience in the Personal Development Industry. Mitch is a human development specialist and educator, a presenter and speaker, as well as an inventor and innovator of the Equilibration Process. He is the Director of MJB Seminars, Head Facilitator & Master Equilibrator. On the other hand, Emilia is a Head Facilitator, Master Equilibrator and presenter at MJB Seminars, as well as a creator and author of the Equilibration process. She has a BA in Education and a background in teaching. Together they work to empower and teach how to live a more fulfilling life.



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