Social Media SINS With Ciara Philippa | Episode 074

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As much as I prefer focusing on the positive side of life, it was a bit of fun to take a bit of a turn and get some pet peeves off my chest with a very special industry friend!

I’m joined in this episode by Ciara Philippa for a conversation about the biggest social media posting sins that we see on a daily basis. Throughout this chat, we also provide a ton of tips and tools that will help you avoid falling into these traps yourself!

Listen in and if you’re guilty of these sins, prepare yourself for social media rehabilitation.

“People interact better with content that is real..” — Ciara Philippa

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Ciara’s switch to the direct selling industry [7:09]
  3. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs [9:30]
  4. Softwares and sites to make good-quality content [12:10]
  5. Social media posting, authentic is better [19:13]
  6. Post for a cause [22:24]
  7. Evoking emotions and actions through your posts [25:53]
  8. You don’t have to sell all the time [31:36]
  9. Myths and facts about using hashtags [34:15]
  10. Borrowing and branding content [43:13]


About Our Guest:

Ciara Philippa has been working in marketing since 2015. She completed a degree of Bachelor of Business with Distinction at the end of 2016, majoring in Marketing and Management. Her previous work history includes freelance marketing (small business owner for the win!); scheduling, managing and responding to content on over 30 social media pages; being the chief copywriter and editor of company brochures, blogs, magazines, radio scripts, editorials and the like. Ciara is currently the Digital, IT & Communications Manager at The Juice Plus+ Aus/NZ which involves everything from social media management, App Development, Event Planning, Email marketing, Graphic Design & Videography, and website management.


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