The Power of Next One Thing – with Tamsen Sala-Linnan | Episode 073

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Do you ever get to the end of a day and think…. I was so busy today, but did I actually get anything done? Or I’m not a born leader so how will I ever build a team?

Well, get ready because this episode is an inspiring chat about goal setting, productivity and commitment and how to be a great leader.

Tamsen Sala-Linnan was literally born into this industry and watched as her parents built the business and lifestyle of their dreams. Following in their footsteps, she believes in the business because she’s seen how this industry can quickly change anyone’s circumstances. BUT she still had to learn to walk like everyone else, she’s had her own challenges and ups and downs and of course has had to adapt to the digital world. I loved hearing Tamsen share her business journey and her inspiring attitude toward goals, leadership and time management.  

Listen in as she shares how she has adapted to balancing parenthood with business, being productive with her precious time and how she leads others by example and discipline.

Tune in and enjoy!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Tamsen shares a bit of her backstory [2:40]
  3. Changes in the business throughout the years and adapting [7:42]
  4. Balancing career and mum life [9:58]
  5. Time well spent: Developing leaders and equipping people [12:20]
  6. How to become a leader when you think you weren’t born to be one [14:09]
  7. Equipping yourself through reading books and listening to podcasts [15:49]
  8. Everything boils down to your daily habits: Success is measured by self-discipline [17:17]
  9. Battling the fear that comes with picking up the phone and talking to strangers [19:57]
  10. It’s not the strategy that matters, it’s the commitment to that strategy [22:14]
  11. Getting leads and taking action on those leads [24:05]
  12. Social media: Sink or swim? [29:23]
  13. Advancing in business through social media (Facebook & Instagram) [33:44]
  14. What did prospecting look like for Tamsen over the years? [34:41]
  15. What were the biggest changes in business with COVID? [36:18]
  16. Clear goals define the direction of your business [41:46]
  17. Goal-setting strategies [43:29]
  18. Advice for those who feel like they’re stuck in business [44:50]


About Our Guest:

Tamsen Sala-Linnan saw the Amway business through her parents’ success and got started when she was just 18 years old. By 20, she put herself in a financial position that has allowed her to be her own boss for the last 12 years. She is now married to her husband Shannon and they have a young family of 4 children together. What excites her the most about this industry is how quickly you can change your circumstances.


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