Achieving the Joy, Peace and Prosperity You Deserve with Cathy Feenan | Episode 108

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your life? Have you found limitations stopping you from pursuing your dreams and aspirations? Then this episode is for you!

From the girl with little sureness to a woman who oozes confidence in every aspect of her life, meet my very special friend Cathy Feenan; founder of the ‘She Rises – Purpose & Prosperity’ community, #1 Best Selling Author and Ted Talk Ultimate Speaker.

After 13 years in the corporate world Cathy stepped into the life of business delving into the recycling industry, then property, Direct Selling, coaching and the list goes on! A wife and mother, she’s now a speaker, philanthropist and success coach who empowers and uplifts everyone she encounters. 

So grab your beverage of choice and listen in. We hope you leave with a better understanding and love for yourself, and your business as well. 


Favourite Quote:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

We’ll be talking about:

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [3:36 ] Getting to know Cathy Feenan

➡ [3:36] Opportunity presented itself

➡ [8:04] Empowering women

➡ [10:17] Getting clarity to achieve our goals

➡ [11:41] Understanding the meaning of ‘Playing small’

➡ [13:42 Overcoming fear of sharing ‘Me’ on social media  

➡ [13:31] Cathy’s 3 key learnings as a woman in Direct Selling

➡ [19:44] Tapping into our inner child

➡ [22:33] Sitting on the fence about starting a business, Cathy has advice for you

➡ [25:06] Limiting belief in reaching out to successful people 

➡ [27:03] Challenges that hold people back to attain their dreams and aspirations

➡ [28:33] Tips on making people aware of their self worth

➡ [35:03] Pivoting and adjusting to business life 

➡ [38:04] Building up each other by saying phrases to one another

➡ [39:53] Ways to reach out to Cathy Feenan

➡ [42:15] Cathy’s favourite books

➡ [43:23 Cathy’s choice of superpower

➡ [44:24] Favourite quote 

➡ [45:31] What would Cathy say to her past self?



About our Guest: 

Cathy Feenan is the creator of the personal development brand She Rises – Purpose & Prosperity.

Cathy is an entrepreneur, #1 Best Selling Author, Ted Talk Ultimate Speaker and Mindset Coach, and created a space for entrepreneurs and other Network Marketers who want to learn the simple steps to creating success in all areas of their personal and professional lives, breakthrough to prosperity and  “create a successful business and life that they love for the highest good of all.”

After 13 years of climbing the corporate ladder into Human Resources whilst running a family owned recycling business, Cathy found herself losing hope of creating her dream life as she drowned in debt, lack of time, and self doubt.

Cathy was spending all her time working hard and wasn’t paying attention to the other areas of her life she valued. Her marriage, health, finances and spiritual life began falling apart and she became uninspired, lost all belief in herself and felt like a failure. She became stuck in life.

Cathy sought the teachings of ancient wisdom and began implementing Natural and Supernatural Laws of Success, specialising in manifestations and squashing the self doubt, perfectionism and procrastination that created the fundamental shift she needed, transforming her life, and now thousands of other entrepreneurs.

Cathy went from being over $200,000 in debt and time poor, to selling over $53m of property within 3 years of her Buyers Agency business & has built a thriving coaching practice based on her passion to support other entrepreneurs who too want to create the joy, peace and prosperity they innately deserve.

Her greatest love is her husband Michael, being a fun Mum to their daughter Aimee, traveling, and inspiring others with the secrets to prosperity. Cathy makes giving back a focus in her life, supporting a number of charities and foundations around the world.


➡ “Y Not” by Cathy Feenan and Others: https://www.amazon.com.au/Empowering-Stories-Female-leaders-said/dp/0648883973

The Prosperity Circle: A course in Prosperity and Mastermind Coaching Community (launches late April)


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Cathy Feenan Website: www.cathyfeenan.com


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