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Level up your Virtual Events with Jared Jacobsen | Episode 107

Recently we’ve seen such massive changes as we move online, create more live events and morph in our own ways. Can we look forward to what is next without a magical crystal ball? How do we still help people connect and share our awesome Direct Selling content? 

Let’s catch up with an old friend and master of behind the scenes magic – AV expert from Corporate Theatre Jared Jacobsen to find out more about Direct Selling events online and in person, and how you can be great at sound and videos too! Six years prior to the pandemic, Jared and his team were already live-streaming so they naturally pivoted to online events.

“Going forward, everyone’s going to the hybrid method – let’s bring in those who can attend, and let’s live stream for those who wouldn’t normally be able to.” 

In this episode, we discuss navigating the world of online events, videos, and practical tips from a pro. You’ll want to grab a pen and paper ready for this one. Enjoy!



We’ll be talking about:

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [2:15 ] Meet AV expert Jared Jacobsen

➡ [3:23] Knowing the company

➡ [6:16} Looking forward in next 12 months

➡ [9:17] Direct Selling companies put on the most fun events

➡ [11:03 Progress of presenters for the last 18 months

➡ [11:35] Helping Direct Sellers through her books

➡ [15:33] Stories behind the scenes coming from AV expert

➡ [20:10 ] Top tips to improve video content

➡ [21:13] Knowing the intended purpose of the video

➡ [23:11 Ways to improve your audio

➡ [24:32] Cords or no cords for audio

➡ [26:11] Looking for software to use on your next recording, listen to this

➡ [31:35] Things to look for before you press the record button

➡ [32:33] Shaking in you boots in presenting, Jared has advise

➡ [36:48] Routines by presenters before going live

➡ [38:56] Things to look for before you press the record button

➡ [40:59] Project Hail Mary is Jared’s favourite book to read

➡ [41:47] An invisible talent hook is Jared’s preferred super power

➡ [42:16] Jared’s advise to his past self is to invest in Apple’s stocks



About our Guest: 

Jared has been producing video and live events since 2003. Having completed a degree in communication specialising in media production, Jared has extensive experience in creating a variety of content for many different organisations ranging from small start-ups, through to multinational corporations.

A large portion of his career has been working with direct selling organisations and the Direct Selling Association itself. The start of 2020 saw his green screen studio become a staple for companies still wanting to connect with their staff and stakeholders. Jared and his team were able to utilise their live event experience, perfectly combined with their video and livestreaming background to bring Virtual Events to the forefront of the business.


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir: https://www.amazon.com/Project-Hail-Mary-Andy-Weir/dp/0593135202


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Jared’s Corpcast Website: www.corpcast.com.au


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