Becoming The Leader You Were Born To Be & Embracing Fear with Jami Jablonski | Episode 109

Are you looking for a flexible lifestyle? Our next guest Jami Jablonski embodies just that! Jami has time for her beautiful family, daily workouts and still managed to hit the Top 1% in her business with ZYIA Active.

Starting just 5 years ago in the USA, ZYIA Active has exploded into the industry, expanding across Canada and Australia!! With Jami’s impressive 22 years of experience in Direct Selling she shares priceless tips on business scalability, connecting with people and how Social Media can grow your sales.

We also dive deeper and address the stigma of Direct Selling, getting started and sustaining growth… As well as her favourite ZYIA product – the magic pants!

Grab a notepad and coffee, we’ll see you in there!


Favourite Quote:

“When you have a goal with a deadline you’re often willing to do things that you wouldn’t normally be willing to do and in the process others lives are blessed” – past trainer

We’ll be talking about:

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [2:17 ] Getting to know Jami Jablonski 

➡ [3:51] Leaping into Direct Selling

➡ [5:52] What’s coming up with ZYIA in 2022 

➡ [10:56] Finding balance between family and business

➡ [13.46] Jami’s observation and hope for change

➡ [17:57] Kill them with kindness, her response to negativity around Direct Selling  

➡ [20:01] Maximising your time to get the best results 

➡ [22:28] Moving your business from in-person to online

➡ [24:04] Using social media to grow your business

➡ [27:40] Getting ideas for Facebook Live by simply asking your audience

➡ [29:55] Tips on using Stories effectively

➡ [33:36] Sharing your life stories and journey

➡ [37:58] Jumpstart your business and keep momentum going 

➡ [43:24] Stay motivated and become a leader

➡ [46:16] Sink or swim, how do you set yourself apart from others

➡ [48:56] Jami’s favourite book

➡ [49:22 Jami’s choice of superpower

➡ [49:51] Jami’s favourite quote 

➡ [51:54] What would Jami say to her past self?

➡ [55:39] Check out ZYIA and connect with Jami Jablonski



About our Guest: 

Jami has over 20 years of experience as a top leader in the direct sales industry and loves this space because of the impact and income she is able to make. She lives an active lifestyle and enjoys working out daily to keep her mind and body in shape. She lives in the western United States with her husband and 2 young kids.


The Compound Effect Book by Darren Hardy: https://amzn.to/37mD8Yp  


Connect with Jami Jablonski: 

➡ Jami Jablonski’s customer VIP group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jamiszyiavips  (If you join and mention Auxano to Jami you’ll receive a discount for ZYIA Activewear)

➡ Jami Jablonski’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jami.jablonski/ 

➡ ZYIA Active US website: https://www.myzyia.com/STRONG4LIFE/shop/preshop.aspx 

➡ ZYIA Active Australia website: https://myzyia.com.au/STRONG4LIFE/shop/CATALOG.aspx 


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