Virtual Party Quickstart


Learn from start to finish all you need to know about running a virtual party or event! “Great training, very easy to complete and very beneficial to my business. Highly recommend to everyone.” -Renee Vogler


Learn how to:

  • Set up and run a virtual party or event from start to finish
  • Use Zoom, Facebook Live and all their features
  • Set up and utilise a Facebook event and/or a group
  • Do video seamlessly on a laptop or phone
  • Set up a Google form for simple sales
  • Close sales naturally every time and seamlessly upsell
  • Get more party bookings
The Top Performing Posts of 2021

Free LIVE Webinar

In this FREE LIVE workshop, you’ll learn
  • What are the TOP Performing posts of 2021
  • How to make them your own
  • ​How to use them again and again to grow your business
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