Three bad behaviours to stop doing right now | Episode 134

Something happened this week that crossed me. Big time. People behaving badly when connecting!


Now I don’t want to seem negative but simply to share my experiences and what I noticed happening; not only on Facebook but also on LinkedIn, Instagram, emails and Messenger. It can happen to anyone on any forum, so I want to provide some quick guidance and tips to keep communication online positive! ☺️


Bad behaviours when connecting digitally are becoming more and more common as we increase our use of the numerous digital platforms. It drives me crazy and, I imagine, others too. Bad behaviours demonstrated by a FEW people can give a negative impression that affects our ENTIRE industry. 


These bad behaviours are the reason why Meta is keeping an eye on MLM, on Direct Selling, our whole industry because there’s a lot of people leaving the platform. Meta does not want people to stop using their platforms because of our behaviour. 


Listen in, not because you are guilty but because it’s always handy to be aware. Be aware of the challenges others can create through their behaviour so you can actively work around it. Be aware in case you need to encourage a team member or friend back on the right path. Be aware and help our industry to keep the amazing reputation MANY people work so hard toward, not let it be tarnished by a misguided few.

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We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:47] It worries me

➡ [4:22] Protecting their platform

➡ [4:47] Connecting through Social Media 

➡ [6:03] This happened!

➡ [7:07] Bad behaviour # 1

➡ [10:10] Probing for the sale

➡ [11:03] It’s a rare occurrence… NOT!

➡ [11:51] Smell of sell

➡ [12:39] Relationships and connecting genuinely

➡ [13:39] Looking back through the years

➡ [17:52] How can I serve?

➡ [19:28] Bad behaviour #2

➡ [20:37] Like clockwork

➡ [21:59] Pouring fuel on the fire

➡ [24:36] Bulk-messaging, blanket marketing, mass-hounding…

➡ [25:19] Bad behaviour ruins it for everyone

➡ [27:18] With a sense of service

➡ [29:03] Bad behaviour #3

➡ [29:51] Bots at work

➡ [31:37] Keep your nose clean

➡ [32:12] Being mindful and respectful of your connections

➡ [34:23] Losing your personal profile is disastrous

➡ [34:52] Recap

➡ [35:21] My advice to you…

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