Had a great week? Had a terrible week? Wonder why we can have such great ups and downs in business and want more control?


Its so simple for me to say – I know! But in my very earliest years learning sales, one of the first and most important lessons I was ever taught was to walk into every situation assuming I have already achieved what I set out to. Therefore I was simply going through the motions to get to the outcome I knew was inevitable.

To clarify, I started out 14 years ago door to door with a duffle bag of products I was required to sell to make a living – commission only (my first full time job and I thought I had scored!)

Change your mindset.

As part of my induction someone taught me the most valuable lesson of my career, always assume the sale so before I walked into any business I stopped, took a breathe, closed my eyes and visualised the outcome I wanted. The days I walked in telling myself – effectively tricking my mind into believing that I had already achieved this, it was a done deal. I just had to go through the motions and I consistently achieved close to 100% hit rate, often I would achieve even more than I set out to. Why? I truly believe that our minds create our reality.

An amazing man that I am blessed to have worked with, Robin Banks travels the globe teaching on Mind Power, a book originally written and taught by John Kehoe. I HIGHLY recommend the book and the program, for more information click this link

Now don’t think I didn’t test this theory, there were many bad days and even weeks but never months. I would stop myself, and again go in with the confidence that comes from KNOWING I was offering something they needed.

Am I crazy? maybe, but when I adopted this way of thinking my results were outstandingly different to those times I applied less confidence and allowed fear to take over and questioned my ability.

Here are some tips from me to you;

  • Everything you need is within you now
  • People will believe in you and your vision if YOU believe it first so be clear about what that is
  • The thoughts we think equal the results we get

And most importantly

  •  Let your success be measured by how much fun you’re having

What does this have to do with marketing?

Marketing is the art of communicating your offering/product to your desired customer. If you were to communicate this with the confidence that they are guaranteed to buy from you, then how will your marketing change? will you be more confident? will you be happier and apply less desperation?

One question – if you didn’t NEED any more customers but changed your marketing plan to be more about what you do, who you REALLY want to work with and your PERFECT price, how would that look?

Don’t discount yourself and your offering, people buy you not your product, just because someone else might have done it/be doing it – who cares, no one can offer what you do so market with that confidence and watch your sales soar.