Surviving As A Working Mum – With My Mum! | Episode 081

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The phrase I hate to hear the most – ‘You are a super mum! How do you run a business with four kids?’ Let’s get this straight… Supermum is a dirty word, it sets us up to unfairly judge ourselves with unrealistic expectations. Trust me… it’s a daily battle for me too!

To speak into this I decided it’s time to pull out the big guns 😉 For this episode I pull in two of the most inspirational mums I know, my sister who was a top 10 Masterchef contestant in her first year of marriage, worked full time, studied to become a teacher and wrote a cookbook all while raising her gorgeous kids…. and my very own mum!

I asked them some tough questions about their challenges, successes and advice and as a result, some crazy stories came out – some rather embarrassing ones too!

We have an amazing chat on the realities of motherhood, working on our careers while parenting, and the challenges that shaped us into who we are today.

We also talk about:

✅ Getting ready for parenthood
✅ Balancing your career and parenting
✅ Finding time to relax and look after yourself
✅ And much more!

Have your favourite drink in hand and tune in for awesome mum advice and great laughs!

We’ll be talking about: 

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • A mother of seven’s story [3:39]
  • The realities of parenthood [6:11]
  • From being a Hairdresser to a MasterChef contestant [14:10]
  • When to tell yourself it’s time to chill [17:21]
  • What they wished they knew before becoming a mum [19:13]
  • How technology changed motherhood [23:11]
  • Mixing smartphones and playgrounds [26:02]
  • Motherhood stories that will crack you up [28:16]
    1. Gathering kids to go out is like an Olympic sport [28:29]
    2. Flying to Sydney and forgetting the car [30:59]
    3. On breaking winds and going commando [34:28]
    4. Wearing eight undies at once [38:06]
  • The stages of being a mum [39:15]
  • Amy’s advice to her past self [41:29]
  • Finding time to relax while parenting [43:44] 
  • Why AirPods are a lifesaver [47:21]
  • Karen and Amy’s favourite books [48:48]
  • The perfect superpower for mums [53:58]


About our guests:

Karen Stallard is a mother to seven children including Sam! In addition to being a hands-on mum, she had an amazing career and is an inspirational example of how your attitude is everything and your journey is your own.

A lover of food, Amy Luttrell became a contestant on Australian MasterChef in 2015 and made it to the final nine. Her book, “My Tasmanian Menu” was a long-standing dream she produced in between studying education at the University of Tasmania, hairdressing full time, and raising her first child. She is now a fully qualified primary school teacher, an author and most


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