Running Marathons and Business With CEO of Direct Selling Australia, Gillian Stapleton | Episode 071

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How do you eat an elephant? I know it’s a bit weird to ask that question, but with all the challenges we’ve faced in the last 18 months it seemed relevant that it came up in this episode… there’s been so much overwhelm, pressure, and anxiety just for starters. 

SO how do you eat an elephant? The answer is “just one bite at a time.” 

In today’s episode, I am joined by a very special guest, who is also a beautiful friend of mine, Gillian Stapleton — CEO of Direct Selling Australia. We talk about almost everything from running marathons to running a business, taking leaps of faith, and rising up against the challenges.

It was so lovely chatting with Gillian as she drops tons of valuable takeaways. Get your pen and paper ready as we chat along, and be sure to take note of those truth bombs. Tune in and enjoy!

“If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after others.”

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. From teacher to advocate for direct selling [2:33]
  3. How Gill started running marathons  [9:31]
  4. Set big goals [12:17]
  5. Gillian’s biggest lesson from COVID [14:05]
  6. Dedicating time to your business when you’re balancing family and work life [15:11]
  7. Focus on what you’re good at — then outsource! [19:09]
  8. What does Direct Selling Australia do? [21:14]
  9. DSA’s growth over the last 18 months [24:23]
  10. We’re nearing the final hurdle — NOW is the time to step up! [28:45]
  11. Gillian’s advice to those who feel tired [32:43]
  12. The difference between Direct Selling and Pyramid Selling [36:08]
  13. Changing the stigma — what you can do [39:38]
  14. Advice to those who really want to kick off a business in the direct selling space [48:17]
  15. Book recommendations [49:55]


About Our Guest:

Gillian Stapleton was appointed CEO of Direct Selling Australia in July 2016. Gill is the first female appointed to this position in the Association’s 54-year history. Gill started her career as a teacher in the UK but joined a home-based direct selling business, so that she could be a full-time mum to her two children. Achieving great success running her own business, Gill was offered a corporate role in Australia in 2000.  Since then, she has been the CEO of global multinational organisations, and a national Charity. Gill has previously served as a member of the DSA Board and runs marathons in her spare time.


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