Personal Growth Means Business Growth With Emma Matthews | Episode 066

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Ready to hear a real story from a real woman that has had real challenges… then got REAL results? Well ok then! Our guest for today, Emma Matthews — National Vice President for Arbonne and a good friend of mine — shares with us her story. Emma started this business because she fell in love with the products and the company, but it took more than that for her to be successful.  Arbonne has inspired her and helped her grow as a person but that’s not enough, Emma had to take the next step.

Today’s chat has been so fun and inspirational, and I’m sharing this with you to inspire you, too! So hop on in and enjoy our conversation as much as I did, but don’t forget to jot down those golden nuggets, there are plenty in this episode!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Emma’s start in the business  [4:06]
  3. Who is Emma Matthews outside of Arbonne? [5:13]
  4. Emma shares her emotional backstory [6:21]
  5. Why personal growth equates to business growth [12:59]
  6. Helping your team to develop helps you reach your goals in business faster [15:27]
  7. The advantages of allowing your team to be themselves and create their own content on social media [17:25]
  8. Changes to the business in 2020 due to COVID and transitioning into 2021 [20:58]
  9. Emma’s day-to-day routine [24:31]
  10. The type of content that is gains more traction for Emma [27:35]
  11. How being vulnerable can be powerful in some ways [28:46]
  12. What’s working in the business and not? [31:26]
  13. A little chit-chat about personal development [35:23]
  14. Emma’s advice [38:58]


About Emma Matthews:

Emma Matthews is an Independent Consultant and a National Vice President for Arbonne. Before joining Arbonne, Emma was a midwife and health has always been her passion. She loves helping others, and Arbonne has given her the avenue to extend that help to other people. Emma has had no prior experience with network marketing, but falling in love with Arbonne has made things different. She believes that her success in the industry is attributed to her passion for the company and its products.


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