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My 5 Favourite Tools For Great Video Anytime, Anywhere! | Episode 096

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With video being by FAR the most valuable content you can create for social media… yet one of the trickiest, how do you do it and do it well? I’ve seen many fall into the trap of constantly comparing themselves to others and thinking “I can’t do it as well as them”.

The result? They end up holding back and not doing anything at all 😕

The truth is, it IS possible to make great videos wherever you are… All you need are the right tools and… yourself! No need for expensive gadgets and fancy cameras 😉

Today we’ll be talking about the top five tools I personally use when recording videos… and watch out for the hot tips for better camera work 💃

Make sure to have your pen and paper ready, and have your favourite drink in hand. We’re going techy in this episode of Direct Selling Accelerator!


We’ll be talking about: 

        • ➡ [0:00] Introduction
          ➡ [1:10] “A-ha” moments
          ➡ [3:47] The power of Smartphones and AirPods
          ➡ [6:30] Your cord length matters!
          ➡ [10:14] Have a cloth ready for your camera lens
          ➡ [12:47] Finding the best lighting
          ➡ [15:49] Have a handy tripod at the ready
          ➡ [17:50] Hot tips to position your camera
          ➡ [19:16] How to stabilise your videos
          ➡ [20:24] What to do if you only have your phone in your pocket



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