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3 Tips to be More Organised | Episode 124

Being organised is living the way we wanted… but better! It helps us to get the most out of our day and perform at our peak.


Before we dive in too much further, I want to encourage you while listening to focus on what you are amazing at and what makes YOU unique. Speak to yourself in a way that you would want others to speak to you…


The thing is we all have our own ways of doing things, different ways to solve problems and unique skills we offer. Setting standards for ourselves to be more like a particular ‘organised person’ can make us feel like we’re failing rather than acting as the inspiration we need.

However, if you often find yourself lost and scrolling through Social Media when there’s still a long to-do list ahead of you, I want to work with you to explore some practicable strategies to improve, optimise and get the most out of your day (AND business).

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We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [1:09] We are all amazing in our own way

➡ [1:22] Brainstorming

➡ [2:50] Unique individuals

➡ [3:22] My realisation

➡ [3:43] One team with different approaches 

➡ [5:29] Disclaimer

➡ [7:01] Tip number one

➡ [8:23] Daily priming

➡ [10:06] Quiet time in the morning

➡ [10:30] The Magic Morning Reset strategy

➡ [12:26] Tip number two

➡ [17:04] Practicing positive routines

➡ [18:52] Create a funnel system

➡ [19:48] Discover how we can help you to grow

➡ [21:25] The power of visualisation 

➡ [23:09] Getting good rest

➡ [29:16] Tip number three

➡ [31:36] Making room for the unknown

➡ [33:35] Recap

➡ [35:53] Check out Auxano Inner Circle



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