Strategies for building a strong social media presence and brand identity for your business | Episode 163

It is such a blessing to do what I love every day. I am so passionate about the Direct Selling industry, it brings hope and purpose to so many people around the world.


I started in the industry young, have a long history with Direct Selling and am so thankful for the opportunities it has presented me. Last year alone, I was privileged to have the chance to help over 179,000 Direct Sellers leverage Social Media to grow their businesses.


The Direct Selling industry is constantly expanding, offering greater opportunities than ever before. It has never been as great as it is today. At the same time, the importance of Social Media in business growth cannot be overstated – it provides us with a global reach and constantly evolving possibilities! Both the industry and the tools we have at our fingertips are constantly changing… constantly opening up the opportunity for us to grow and achieve more!


In this episode, I will be sharing effective strategies for developing your Social Media presence and brand identity to grow your business. To use those ever expanding tools and make the most of this incredible industry. It is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, each business has unique branding, target audience, and objectives. Your business branding is unique, what you do and why you do it will be different. 


By crafting your own recipe for success with personalised strategies and key Social Media objectives, you can drive your business to grow to new levels of success. Find out how by tuning in!


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[3:57] Social Media presence and image

[4:44] Quote from queen of Facebook

[5:34] Brand identity 

[6:10] Define your audience

[9:34] Have a common conversation

[11:40] What you need to happen

[12:50] What’s your brand message

[13:38] Importance of high quality visuals 

[16:06] What you can do on your Social Media

[18:35] Engage with your audience

➡ [20:24] The art of asking another question 

[23:22] The algorithm and interactions

[24:12] Be authentic

➡ [25:45] Monitor and adjust your strategy

[27:39] Final thoughts




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