Straight talk sessions: Q&A edition with Greg and Sam | Episode 189

Ever experienced a conversation that takes you on unexpected detours? Where you get so lost that you feel like you may as well throw away the map? Well, that’s precisely what we’re delving into today. We enjoy sprinkling these curveball episodes throughout the year to keep things fun and lively. In this podcast, my husband joins in on the fun, ushering in a cascade of surprises! I meticulously prepared some clever questions for our discussion today, but he effortlessly threw me off course. Typical, right?


I had crafted a game plan, complete with a set of witty questions ready for our chat. However, hold on – major plot twist! Enter Greg, and suddenly, chaos ensues! Honestly, I should have anticipated this. Lesson learned: involving family in podcasts guarantees an element of unpredictability.


Stay tuned for this rollercoaster of an episode where laughter and unexpected revelations take centre stage. My husband has a few tricks up his sleeve, and it’s all in good fun. Let’s embark on this wild ride together!




We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [0:56] Greg’s question #1

➡ [2:08] Sam’s answer…

➡ [2:38] Sam’s question #1

➡ [2:51] Greg says…

➡ [4:29]  Facebook for business growth?

➡ [5:06] What’s your secret for being amazing mum, wife, businesswoman

➡ [5:30] A blog of all my failings

➡ [7:08] Relationship with yourself

➡ [09:32] Two camps of women

➡ [11:00] Nature of partnership

➡ [14:02] What’s the hardest thing about working with your wife?

➡ [14:29] Switching from one aspect of life to  another

➡ [16:47] Marbles in the jar phenomenon

➡ [19:32] 5 Love Languages

➡ [20:41]  Cup filling, why it matters

➡ [21:13]  Prioritising me

➡ [27:31] Selfless people 

➡ [28:58] Sam’s question # 4

➡ [31:39] Our mission trip to Africa and what it gives us

➡ [32:02] A greater impact from other people and reconnecting to physical touch

➡ [41:01] Culture shock…that’s the easy part

➡ [41:24] Parting words





 5  Love Languages by Gary Chapman: https://amzn.to/3uKybnl


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