Kicking Imposter Syndrome To The Curb – with Noeleen Shine | Episode 086

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Have you ever had this sinking feeling where you’re doubting all your success and feel like you don’t deserve any of it?

Imposter syndrome is REAL.

There is no one better to talk to about this topic so it’s such a privilege to have the beautiful Noeleen Shine from Lorraine Lea with us. Noeleen is a top leader and is a Senior District Leader within the company. As someone who’s built her business and made it to the top not once… but TWICE.

She speaks up about her own experience with imposter syndrome, her struggles in adapting to a virtual space and how she beats that awful negative self-talk everyday.

She also shares some golden hot tips for getting party bookings when you feel stuck or you are just starting out.

You are going to LOVE Noeleen’s story. This is a game-changing episode so tune in and don’t forget to take notes!

We’ll be talking about: 

      • ➡ [0:00] Introduction
        ➡ [1:57] A little bit about Noeleen
        ➡ [4:37] A house of crazy names
        ➡ [06:03] Noeleen’s Lorraine Lea story
        ➡ [10:18] How to find success when starting from scratch
        ➡ [11:50] Overcoming imposter syndrome
        ➡ [14:34] Stop listening to yourself!
        ➡ [17:05] Making the move to a digital space
        ➡ [21:14] How Noeleen supported her team during COVID
        ➡ [23:28] Noeleen’s struggles and successes with Facebook
        ➡ [26:53] Stop overcomplicating Facebook
        ➡ [29:53] Noeleen’s 14 Day Challenge experience
        ➡ [32:33] Noeleen’s favourite Lorraine Lea products
        ➡ [34:50] Old strategies that Noeleen stopped doing
        ➡ [37:32] HOT TIPS to get party plan bookings
        ➡ [39:34] Growing your business outside a party plan scenario
        ➡ [42:48] Noeleen’s IDEAL customer
        ➡ [44:17] An advice to new or aspiring leaders
        ➡ [46:33] Noeleen’s favourite books
        ➡ [48:09] A superpower Noeleen would like to have
        ➡ [49:18] Noeleen’s favourite quote
        ➡ [50:23] What Noeleen would like to tell her past self


About our guest:

Noeleen Shine was in finance before joining Lorraine Lea as a leader 11 years ago and is currently a Senior District Leader handling several teams in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Noeleen started her Lorraine Lea business with one small goal in mind: to save enough money to send her son to the USA on a basketball trip. 90 days later, she had $6k in the bank and realised that Lorraine Lea could be a ‘REAL’ job – so instead of staying for 6 months as intended, here she is more than a decade later.

She was able to stay at home with her kids while earning a great income, travel overseas, and buy a beautiful car thanks to her career at Lorraine Lea.

Originally from Dublin, Noeleen is married to her wonderful husband Andrew, who’s from London. Together, they have three grown children: Alexandra, Jack, and Hannah. They moved from Ireland to Australia 17 years ago.

Noeleen loves helping women and men live their lives on their own terms and takes her business with her wherever she goes.


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