Habits That Build A Thriving Business with Danny Lee | Episode 219

There are simple, daily habits that can transform your Direct Selling business from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, this episode promises to deliver valuable insights and helpful practices to help you keep on striving, pushing yourself and your business out of your comfort zone and into the extraordinary! 


Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Danny Lee, the President and CEO of 4Life – a renowned Direct Selling company based in Utah, USA. With a background in accounting and finance, Danny brings a unique perspective to his role, blending analytical acumen with a passion for the industry. Over his 16 years at 4Life, Danny has amassed a wealth of knowledge and is here to share some of his most impactful strategies with us.


Danny shares with us the importance of daily habits, emphasizing the true impact of stepping out of your comfort zone . He talks into his beliefs that a successful long-term business is built upon the actions you take at the very beginning of your journey – starting with the end in mind. From financial insights to practical daily routines, Danny offers a comprehensive guide to building and sustaining a thriving Direct Selling business.





We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:08] Catching up with Danny Lee

➡ [3:46] A fun fact about Danny

➡ [12:09] The big shift in Danny’s career

➡ [14:41] 4Life story

➡ [21:35]  Do you quit or keep pushing?

➡ [23:55] What do you bring to the table?

➡ [26:45] Danny’s advice, finding the right direction for your business

➡ [33:16] The financial tool you need to have in your business 

➡ [40:32] Importance of developing good habits for growth

➡ [43:15] Top habits to have for business owners

➡ [49:45] Where 4Life is heading

➡ [53:17] Industry message from Danny

➡ [58:53] Danny Lee’s favourite book

➡ [1:02:29] Danny Lee’s dream superpower

➡ [1:03:23] Danny Lee’s favourite quote

➡ [1:04:29] Danny Lee’s advice to his past self

➡ [1:04:35]  Check out 4Life’s website



About our guest:

Danny Lee was appointed President and CEO of 4Life in 2017. He came to 4Life in 2008 as the Chief Operating Officer and in 2015, was appointed Chief Marketing Officer. Danny has worked at well-known companies such as Mrs. Fields®, Merrill Lynch, Arthur Andersen, and Overstock.com™ throughout his career, which includes 21 years of executive experience. Danny enjoys creating opportunities to promote the 4Life brand all over the world. 


Prior to 4Life, Danny worked at Overstock™ as Senior Vice President of Merchandising as well as Vice President of Finance and Controller. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah with dual degrees in accounting and finance. In addition to his professional successes, Danny and his wife Tara have five children aged 7-18.




Book Recommendations

➡ The 5 am Club by Robin Sharma: https://bit.ly/3znRvci

➡ The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer: https://bit.ly/3zpGRBR

➡ The Way of Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman: https://bit.ly/4euqX9H



➡  “Wealth comes in having few wants”



Connect with Danny:

Danny Lee’s website: https://www.4life.com

Danny Lee’s Facebook: https://facebook.com/danny.lee.3382/ 

➡ Danny Lee’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/daniellee


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