Groups – An Import Update 2024 | Episode 201

In today’s power-packed episode, we’re tackling one of the latest bombshells dropped by Meta about Facebook Groups. Now, I get it – many others are holding back on talking about it because the details are still unfolding. But hey, I couldn’t resist jumping in and sharing what we do know.


Why spill the beans now? Well, because this particular change is shaping up to be a game-changer for the Direct Selling industry in 2024… It might not be the most gigantic shift we’ve seen, but trust me, it’s a positive one.


Let’s get real for a moment – as a Social Media trainer and keynote speaker in the Direct Selling industry, I’ve been frustrated watching the misuse of Social Media, the same old content churned out, and people disregarding Community Standards. This upcoming Meta update is a challenge, but I see it as a golden opportunity to shift from increasing spamming behaviours, back to a focus on genuine connection.


So what exactly are these changes and what could they mean for you and your business on Social Media? Tune in to find out more!





We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction 

➡ [3:26] Meta made an under the radar announcement 

➡ [4:24] Sam’s observations

➡ [6:18] Emphasis on community and groups 

➡ [7:55] What do these changes mean for us?

➡ [10:44] Stay excited

➡ [11:16] A challenge for you

➡ [12:30] Importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket

➡ [13:30] There’s nothing wrong with old school  

➡ [14:38] Use of Technology

➡ [16:46] Keeping you up to date

➡ [17:12] Users of Auxano Social, listen in

➡ [17:47] We love to hear from you



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