Be your own secret weapon (Direct Selling Accelerator Spotlight Special!) | Episode 187

Embracing authenticity on Social Media is a game-changer, yet it’s a concept that often gets lost in the noise. Let’s peel back the layers on this crucial aspect of online presence. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? We’re bombarded with success stories, influencers doing their thing, and pages thriving with what seems like the perfect formula for Social Media stardom. But here’s the kicker: in chasing that success, many of us forget the most essential element—ourselves…

Think about it. We’re so engrossed in mirroring what’s out there that we often neglect our own voice, our unique identity. I’ve had numerous conversations with passionate individuals wanting to leverage Social Media for their businesses, well armed with many tools for success, yet they’re missing the core ingredient—being genuine.

This conversation is about reclaiming your narrative, bringing back that authentic ‘you’ to the forefront. It’s not just about boosting your business; it’s about forging meaningful connections. Imagine feeling truly aligned with what you post, leaving behind that discomfort or ‘ickiness’ after hitting ‘publish.’

I’ve been in that spot too—trying to emulate what seemed to work for others, only to realise it felt off. So, let’s unpack this. Let’s explore how to infuse your uniqueness into your online presence. Trust me, this shift in perspective can be transformative, helping you not just thrive but truly connect in the digital world.


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [2:50] People buy from those they like, know and trust 

[4:47] What will people think? 

[6:29] It’s none of your business

[9:03] One of the best episodes

[10:19] Embracing Social Media

[12:27] A little disclaimer

[13:49] Actionable items

[17:18] Do more videos 

[19:30] Looking back

[20:26] What I learned

[22;32] That one afternoon phone call  

[24:19] How can we make positivity ring louder

[25:50] Final Thoughts



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