Adapt, adjust and overcome, the Jordan Essentials story with Nancy Bogart | Episode 143

What turns a vision into a mission? And a mission into a passion? But not only a passion, a passion that turns dreams of success into reality.

It is with great pride we welcome to the podcast Nancy Bogart, CEO and founder of Jordan Essentials. Nancy’s incredible journey started off in the craft show circuit before blossoming into the successful Direct Selling company it is today.

Listen in as Nancy shares her journey, from a simple idea and yearning to follow in the footsteps of pioneer women in the industry to being one of those women and the multi-million dollar Direct Selling business she has today. Armed with 20 years of experience and a vision to provide women with flexibility, finances and freedom while maintaining balance in life, Nancy shares with us that vision and tips on how YOU can be empowered to achieve your dreams and keep that essential balance.

Nancy is incredibly passionate and creative which has allowed her to drive Jordan Essentials Bath Body & Spa to be the successful business that it is today. Nancy is not only creative in craft but also a great trainer that drives others to be successful business leaders. Don’t forget your pen and paper, you won’t want to miss a thing! Tune on in and enjoy the episode.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [02:20] How Jordan Essentials came to be

➡ [03:28] It all started in a Craft Fair booth

➡ [05:47] From food services and catering to Direct Selling

➡ [07:49] I don’t want to just ‘punch a clock’

➡ [10:23] Helping women to make a full time income without sacrificing priorities

➡ [12:34] Building relationships

➡ [15:54] Tips on how to build relationships 

➡ [21:30] 22 year journey 

➡ [28:05] Big non-negotiables

➡ [30:11] Rules and quality time 

➡ [31:49] Successful habits

➡ [35:37] Keys in starting a business

➡ [38:39] Take time off and rejuvenate

➡ [42:31] What’s ahead with Jordan Essentials

➡ [45:25] Nancy’s favourite book 

➡ [45:42] Nancy’s dream superpower 

➡ [47:52] Nancy’s favourite quote

➡ [48:41] Nancy’s advice to her past self

➡ [47:32] Find out more about Jordan Essentials



➡ Think Again by Adam Grant: https://amzn.to/3VBNqYu

➡ Atomic Habits by James Clear: https://bit.ly/3HfzQWi

➡ More than a bag by Cindy Monroe: https://bit.ly/3F5d3tI


About our Guest:

Nancy is the founder and CEO of Jordan Essentials. Nancy leaned her roots and made her first product – a Lotion Bar. With a small inventory and a few props in hand, Nancy started on the craft show circuit. What unfolded was beyond anything she could’ve imagined. From the day she started the company in 2000, she dreamed of a mission and purpose larger than herself. Nancy was driven by her desire to help busy women earn an income while fulfilling other priorities in their lives. 

Nancy’s products were repeatedly sold out! The demand was high, and there were many possibilities to consider. Nancy was anchored to her original dream of bringing others along on the journey, and she turned to my family and friends. Within six months, she ventured from craft shows to launching a Direct Selling company.


Connect with Nancy: 

➡ Nancy Bogart’s Facebook:

➡ Nancy Bogart’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-bogart-01521311/

➡ Jordan Essentials website: https://www.jordanessentials.com

➡ Jordan Essentials Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordanessentials/


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