How to make your audience feel like they’re following a FRIEND instead of a BRAND.

To have a friend you need to be a friend. Thanks Mum. Enough said. Ok, we won’t stop there. Here’s some more wise words… Consumers who trust and recognize a brand tend to stick with it. Importantly, they can become brand advocates. These people are very successful in ensuring they spread positive sentiments with their community […]

A Business Owners Tale

‘I want more time to do the things I love’, ‘ I want to be with my family more’, ‘I’m sick of following someone else’s rules and dictation’ and ‘I just want to do my own thing’ These are all things people say when they set out to start their own business, I know I said […]

Thoughts and Vision = Outcome

Had a great week? Had a terrible week? Wonder why we can have such great ups and downs in business and want more control? YOU ARE THE KEY. Its so simple for me to say – I know! But in my very earliest years learning sales, one of the first and most important lessons I was […]

A Panadol for the marketing headache

I have a dream… ‘Oh no, now what’ say all those surrounding me. Used to being dragged along into a frenzy of what my partner calls (lovingly) ‘organised chaos’ but hear me out because its big, its exciting and its not about me! The dream is this…. I want to see sad people be happy! […]