Wipe Off The Dust | Episode 203

I’ve always believed in the power of impacting just one person in the room, and that’s what I want to share with you. Today’s episode marks a shift as we delve into some essential aspects of personal growth that can supercharge our success in 2024.   I want to share a game-changing analogy that transformed […]

Groups – An Import Update 2024 | Episode 201

In today’s power-packed episode, we’re tackling one of the latest bombshells dropped by Meta about Facebook Groups. Now, I get it – many others are holding back on talking about it because the details are still unfolding. But hey, I couldn’t resist jumping in and sharing what we do know.   Why spill the beans […]

Special Stories & Important Friends – 200th Episode Celebrations! | Episode 200

Can you believe it? We’ve hit a remarkable milestone – Episode number 200! What an incredible journey it has been, and it’s an absolute honour to have each and every one of you with us.   Four years ago we embarked on this podcast adventure, that’s four years of insights, stories, and valuable lessons we’ve […]

5 tips to stop the scroll | Episode 199

STOP!    Okay, no, keep reading…    How do you make people stop? How do you grab their attention with your content as they casually scroll through their Social Media feeds? How do you create that curiosity factor that makes your posts stand out?   Tune in as I answer these questions and share with […]