How the direct selling industry is changing with Michele McDonough | EP158

This episode, I am grateful to be joined by an individual who is incredibly passionate about our industry. This incredible lady started her career in Direct Selling at a young age, continued and stayed in the industry for over 4 decades, helping business owners to grow their business with her wealth of knowledge and experience.  […]

What do animals and a forest have to do with facebook? | Episode 157

Do you often find yourself asking ‘why is it that Social Media is not working for me?’   You’re doing everything you’re told to do, posting consistently and it’s still not working. Perhaps you’re even at the point where you feel like giving up!    Don’t.   Don’t give up, hear me out. I get […]

Why using social media for research is your new secret weapon with Ashley Collins | EP153

Over the last few years we’ve seen significant changes in marketing and Social Media. This week’s guest has first hand experience with change and growth in the marketing and communications space; spending more than 20 years in public relations, marketing, communications, and advertising. Let me introduce to you Ashely Collins, Executive Vice President of Marketing […]

Creating a social media strategy that gets results – Part 2 | Episode 152

Welcome back for the second part of the ‘Creating a Social Media Strategy That Gets Results’ podcast. Missed part one? I highly recommend you watch that first – you’ll find the link in the resources below. Over these two episodes we are exploring what goes into a strategy with purpose – one that helps you […]

Creating a social media strategy that gets results – Part 1 | Episode 151

Join me for this two part session as we look at building a Social Media strategy that gets results, and help you to understand what goes into a strategy with purpose – one that helps you to reach goals, rather than just further filling your time.   The strategy I’m going to share will work […]

Attitude is altitude, how to grow the business of your dreams with Darren and Mike | EP150

Could you manage 45,000 people, nurture those relationships AND still keep growing your business? Seasoned online business consultants Darren and Mike do exactly that!   Let me introduce you to the Darren and Mike Dream Team; Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher. MLM experts, Darren and Mike supply hands-on guidance and closely collaborate with their clients […]

How to create your Hot 100 List | Episode 149

What if I were to provide you with a tool that could keep you accountable and boost your productivity? A tool that can help you grow personally AND in your business. A tool that will, in itself, create opportunities for you to learn. Well listen in…   I’m super excited to share with you a […]