10 things that could put you in Facebook jail | Episode 142

Sit down and tune in to this super quick and powerful episode, I’ll share with you 10 things to help you be more aware on Social Media… and keep you out of Facebook jail!   How would having your Facebook account suspended, or even deleted, affect you and your business? Let’s chat about being aware […]

How to humanise your content and master video with Todd Hartley | Episode 141

We are super excited to welcome to our podcast the amazing Todd Hartley! Todd is the rockstar of remote selling, video marketing, and sales optimization. He is the CEO of the company WireBuzz whose clients include Justin Timberlake, MD Anderson, and Home Depot!   Todd joins us to share advice that will help to grow […]

Identifying and smashing your limiting beliefs with Ingrid Lockwood | Episode 140

Do you feel stuck? Like something is holding you back? Or that you just keep hitting that glass ceiling you cannot break through?   Join me in this podcast as we welcome Ingrid Lockwood. Ingrid is a qualified professional, having a diploma in counseling and case management with multiple tertiary qualifications and certifications. Ingrid is […]

5 Best Social Media Practices in Direct Selling Right Now | Episode 139

How do you play the Social Media game in order to get the results YOU want for YOUR business?   Listen in as I share with you the 5 best Social Media practices in Direct Selling right now.  I will be talking about how to use Social Media effectively, how to prevent wasting your time […]

How do you make your business standout with Jessica Kiely | Episode 138

I’m very passionate about powerful women in business. Women who chase their dreams in spite of obstacles. Women who are resilient, that get back up and brush themselves off. Today, our guest is one of those powerful women.   I am privileged to welcome our latest podcast guest, Jessica Kiely. Jessica is the co-founder of […]

Instagram tips and updates | Episode 137

There are updates and changes coming to Instagram!   In trying to adapt, or should I say compete, with other platforms (Tiktok here’s looking at you!) Instagram has made some significant changes! Many of these changes have already begun, others are a work in progress,  and a few are even whispers from behind the scenes […]

Why you should always be reinventing your business with Shiv Dutt | Episode 136

If you knew that something wasn’t working or could be improved within your business, would you be ready to step-up and change? Innovation is essential as we see a rapid change in technology and the way we do business. In today’s podcast, we have the privilege of being joined by Shiv Dutt of Pampered Chef. […]

Is there a right way to start your day? with James Yates | Episode 135

Yes! There is a right way to start your day.   I’m so excited to welcome back to our podcast James Yates! James joined us a few episodes back as we discussed navigating our way in this crazy world, reducing fatigue and preventing burnout (check it out by clicking this link). Today, James joins us […]

Three bad behaviours to stop doing right now | Episode 134

Something happened this week that crossed me. Big time. People behaving badly when connecting!   Now I don’t want to seem negative but simply to share my experiences and what I noticed happening; not only on Facebook but also on LinkedIn, Instagram, emails and Messenger. It can happen to anyone on any forum, so I […]