Special Stories & Important Friends – 200th Episode Celebrations! | Episode 200

Can you believe it? We’ve hit a remarkable milestone – Episode number 200! What an incredible journey it has been, and it’s an absolute honour to have each and every one of you with us.   Four years ago we embarked on this podcast adventure, that’s four years of insights, stories, and valuable lessons we’ve […]

5 tips to stop the scroll | Episode 199

STOP!    Okay, no, keep reading…    How do you make people stop? How do you grab their attention with your content as they casually scroll through their Social Media feeds? How do you create that curiosity factor that makes your posts stand out?   Tune in as I answer these questions and share with […]

3 Time Saving Tips For Managing Your Social Media | Episode 195

Have you ever felt like Social Media is a total time thief? I get it. You start with a simple task, but suddenly, you’re lost in a whirlwind of reels or messages, totally off track. Been there? Haven’t we all.   Here’s the deal: managing Social Media can be a real challenge, especially when it […]

3 pieces of content to stop posting now | Episode 193

It’s a game-changer! I’m going to spill the beans on three types of content you should ditch ASAP.   There is content floating around, that you’ll see shared by others in your feeds, that could easily mess up your Social Media game. I mean, not just a little hiccup, but real trouble! And guess what? […]

The biggest Social Media developments in 2023 and coming trends for 2024 with Scott Kramer | EP191

Today’s episode features a standout guest — none other than industry superstar Scott Kramer, renowned for his substantial impact and expansive industry experience, and influence.   Scott isn’t your run-of-the-mill expert; he’s the mastermind behind MultiBrain and a seasoned professional in the world of Social Media, particularly within the Direct Selling Industry. Scott joins us […]

My 5 favourite apps/tools for 2023 and going into 2024 | Episode 190

I’m thrilled to share with you my top five favourite apps and tools for 2023 heading into 2024. These gems have been absolute game-changers for my productivity and simplifying my life, especially when it comes to managing Social Media content.   I could’ve bombarded you with a ton of technical jargon and a long list […]