What If… with Linda Evendon | Episode 119

What if?   These days we’re too concerned with fitting in. We need to stop and ask ourselves… ‘What if?’.   Today we’re speaking with Linda Evenden. Once upon a time Linda’s dreams were gathering dust, the vision board was packed away and she was living out of balance. Like many of us, Linda felt […]

What your Body Language is saying with Dr. Louise Mahler | Episode 118

We each have something to give and someone we can impact.   Today we are joined by communications expert Dr. Louise Mahler – encouraging women to speak up AND often!   In a digital world, body language has never been more important! In this episode, you’ll hear all the Do’s and Don’ts around your face, […]

Why Virtual Parties Aren’t Working with Sam Hind | Episode 117

We’ve seen BIG changes in the Direct Selling industry and we’ve fallen into some interesting habits… Perhaps we’ve over complicated things?   Trust your own instincts again, believe that YOU are an expert. Be proud that you have implemented amazing technologies BUT remember as a great leader, sometimes we need to go back and relearn. […]

Mastering Reels with the Reel Masters Andrew and Tamlyn | Episode 116

What if reels could open the door for you? More opportunities, more conversations.. more sales!   Say hello to this hilarious husband & wife duo Andrew and Tamlyn! These online sensations will be sharing their reel journey with you today and how they have mastered the art of being themselves.    We’ll talk about dropping […]

Social Media Tips and Trends with Scott Kramer | Episode 114

In this episode we catch up with Scott Kramer, the brain behind Multibrain – a Social Media scheduling platform which serves the Direct Selling industry. We pick his clever mind, talking tips and trends for Social Media and technology in Direct Selling.   The internet gave everybody a voice, leveling the playing field. It is […]

Changemakers in Direct Selling with Gordon Hester | Episode 112

Have you grown with the industry or are you stuck doing what you’ve always done?    In this episode we sit down with Gordon Hester, a proven industry leader, changemaker and influencer with over 30 Network Marketing companies globally.   As a leader of change Gordon ensures the industry evolves as it needs to with […]

How more No’s may be the Secret to Your Success with Andrea Waltz | Episode 111

“Yes is the destination, No is how you get there.” Are you struggling with the fear of rejection? Does hearing the word ‘no’ make you uncomfortable? Then you need to listen to this episode! Our wonderful guest Andrea Waltz, Co-Author of best-selling book Go for No, Keynote speaker and Co-founder of the Courage Crafters brings […]

The Future of Facebook with Michael McQueen | Episode 110

What’s coming up next in the world of Facebook? Michael McQueen is an award winning Speaker and Author. With 18 years in the Writing and Researching industry, Michael takes us through the Metaverse and points out key technology trends that will affect the Direct Selling industry.  Can you believe it all started when Michael was […]