Surviving the Holidays, Relationship Tips with Mike Johnston | Episode 094

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Happy New Year, everyone! 🎊 To start off 2022, we’re doing something slightly different but really fun as usual. We’re bringing on Mike Johnston, Strategic Intervention Coach and Head Coach of MJB Seminars, to talk about relationships.  Greg and I have had the absolute pleasure of working with […]

My Favourite Moments for 2021 | Episode 093

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube We’re wrapping up 2021 with a BANG!  It’s been a wonderful past 12 months and it’s only natural to end the year with something SPECIAL.  …And so we’ve compiled some of my most memorable snippets into one full-length episode! In all honesty, the challenge here was picking just […]

Ask Us Anything! (Funny Holiday Edition) | Episode 092

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube I have been waiting A LONG time to make this episode and it seemed like the perfect time to do it! With our ridiculous Christmas get-up and we’ll be answering fun questions our Accelerator members asked.  There were so many funny and curly questions in here so we […]

How To Switch Off A Busy Mind This Christmas Break | Episode 091

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube It’s noisy in here! My head I mean….  Christmas is an insane time of year but add in family, a business to run and don’t even mention the ‘C’ word…. So how do we quiet this busy mind of ours whilst ensuring we don’t let the ball drop? […]

Nothing Is Impossible | Episode 090

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Ever thought ‘That would be a great idea…. But I could NEVER make it happen’? Today’s episode is going to be just what you need if you have ever wondered about the above. Perhaps you are running a business or in a role where you feel overwhelmed prioritising […]

Building Your Direct Selling Selling Business | Episode 089

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube The direct selling industry is an ABSOLUTE roller coaster ride 🎢 You can have bookings for five straight days, then have a dud party on the sixth… and that’s when you go “Oh no! 😱😱😱”  But it’s all part of the journey! Greg always tells our kids “Without […]

The Most Powerful Story I’ve Ever Heard | Episode 088

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Every day is a blessing when you work in an industry that changed your life… And over 20 years since I started my own direct selling business journey, I still hear incredible life stories every day that remind me why there is simply no industry quite like this […]

I Nearly Quit… Twice, How I’m Still Here 7 Years On | Episode 087

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube When you start a business, you’re motivated…. Excited…. filled with hopes and dreams, ready for battle. BRING. IT. ON. Then the inevitable happens… reality. That reality can be amazing but it can also be like hitting a brick wall at 1000kph…. To be fair, my experience is that […]

Kicking Imposter Syndrome To The Curb – with Noeleen Shine | Episode 086

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Have you ever had this sinking feeling where you’re doubting all your success and feel like you don’t deserve any of it? Imposter syndrome is REAL. There is no one better to talk to about this topic so it’s such a privilege to have the beautiful Noeleen Shine […]

Why We Created The 14 Day Challenge – with Greg Hind | Episode 085

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Have you heard of Auxano’s 14 Day ‘Done for you’ Post Challenge?  We get so many people email us saying “I’m overwhelmed, I’m stuck, I’m frustrated” or “What do I need to do next?”  So we sat down and had a team meeting to brainstorm how we can […]