The BIGGEST Social Media Trends for 2022 with Charley Valher | Episode 103

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube   2022 is a CRAZY year for social media!    To talk about this, I’ve invited a very special person – a great friend of mine, and probably the best copywriter I know… the awesome Charley Valher 🥳🥳🥳   We’re going a bit off the rails in this […]

10 Valuable Lessons in Business and Life: My Journey So Far | Episode 100

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube IT’S THE 100th EPISODE!! 🥳🥳🥳 This is really special for us and we would not be here without YOU, our amazing listeners. Over the past 100 episodes I have met some incredible people with amazing stories and wisdom to share and in this episode I decided to share […]

Building Self Leadership Skills Through Mindset with Kate Krieg | Episode 099

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Daily tasks can be super overwhelming if you’ve got a busy, busy brain like I do. So, how do we train our minds to stay productive without overwhelm? 🤔 Today’s episode is all about BRAIN POWER 🧠 and it’s such an honor to have the lovely Kate Krieg […]

Party Like A Pro – with Cassie Dodds | Episode 098

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re absolutely right! And in this episode, I am so excited to introduce a very special person who absolutely CAN run a successful direct sales business… Cassie Dodds! 💗💗💗 Cassie is a busy mum of two and a multiple award-winning […]

What To Do When You Are Stumped For Content Ideas | Episode 097

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube Stuck on what to post next? Don’t worry. It happens to all of us!  There are a couple of ways to get around being stuck … In today’s episode with me, myself and I, we’ll be talking a lot about pre-planning, the two sides of the brain 🧠, […]

My 5 Favourite Tools For Great Video Anytime, Anywhere! | Episode 096

Subscribe: Omny | Spotify | iTunes| YouTube With video being by FAR the most valuable content you can create for social media… yet one of the trickiest, how do you do it and do it well? I’ve seen many fall into the trap of constantly comparing themselves to others and thinking “I can’t do it […]